We can design and provide an economically and technically advantageous solution for your projects.

In our company, interests of our investors and contractors are on the first place. We can provide a trouble-free and smooth project realization and find savings in favour of our customers and to their satisfaction.


Project Preparation

  • Check of the schedule time sequence
  • Optimization of time reserves
  • Setting the critical path and key milestones
  • Check of the tender documentation regarding its execution and completeness
  • Proposal, completion and consultation of additional information


Project Realization

We can also prepare alterations during the project realization.

  • Processing alteration proposals in accordance with the applicable legislation and contractual agreements.
  • Giving reasons for alterations and providing all needed documents for their duly justification.
  • Coordination of adherence to deadlines of time dependent events and obligations-
  • Creating a time schedule or a financial plan according to the investor´s requirements; creating a data output form (XC4) and its update during the project realization.
  • Consultation activities when settling the contractor´s claims – alterations during the project realization.
  • Help with importing data into the Project Data Stock.


Project Completion

  • Preparing final reports and collecting documents for the project completion.
  • Settlement of the contractor´s claims and alterations during the project